Difference between Shipping a Couch and shipping a Couch Bed

There is a considerable difference between the shipping of both, the couch and the couch bed. Shipping a couch obviously requires lesser work while shipping a couch bed is a big task. Nevertheless, shipping either of both can prove to be much trickier as compared to the shipping of other items because of unusual shape, size and weight.


To ship a couch bed or a couch, you will have to make sure that the shipping service you are choosing is the right one. LTL shipping seems to be an appropriate option but there are several other factors that you will need to take into the account. For instance:

  • When the drivers along with their trucks come at your place, you will have to make sure that drivers are pros. That will be evident with the way they would talk and handle your items.
  • The best way you can determine whether the driver abides by the road rules is to look at the truck’s condition. If truck is well-maintained and has everything in order, you can assume that your package will be dealt with in a professional manner. Remember, the bad condition of the truck should be an evident signal for you that utilizing that service would not only delay the shipping but you may end up paying extra shipping charges, which is definitely not fair.
  • Check online testimonials and reviews about the carrier you are going to hire to ship your couch bed or couch. That will help you to look into the track record of the company. A good number of satisfied clients should be a green signal for you go ahead with the further dealings.
  • Different carriers specialize in shipping different things. You will have to look for the one that deals with the shipping heavy and irregular shaped items like couch and other types of furniture. Don’t go for ‘Jack of All’ shippers because the only things they that will be lacking in would be the professionalism and experience.

What you need to do before shipping

Even if you have found a professional that would provide good service quality, there are still a lot of things that you will need to ensure at your end.

  • While shipping a couch bed, the major worry would be about whether the mattress can be shipped separately or not. Shipping the entire set as a single package adds considerable amount of weight to the package, which surely get difficult to handle during the transit. You can inquire about a service whether or not they allow the separate packaging mattress.
  • It’s recommended to detach the detachable parts of couch. For instance, detaching the legs and other parts will make the set easy to pack and handle.
  • Get necessary packaging supplies such as polyethylene furniture bag for packing the major set, boxes for the other detachable parts and necessary cushioning items.
  • After everything is packaged, attach the shipping label and secure it well to ensure it doesn’t tear down during the transit.
  • Weigh the entire package before handing it over to the carrier. That will help you determine the right shipping costs.

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